Class Action: Shred at SLT

Tough yoga poses—warrior 3 with weights!—are ignited with cardio and plyometrics that sculpt, shock, and strengthen. It’s vinyasa gone powerfully off the rails.
Shred is vinyasa gone powerfully off the rails into strength-training and cardio group fitness (Photo: Benjamin Norman for The New York Times)


With Shred, a strength-training workout that’s laced with cardio bursts and plyometrics, Erin Jacques reveals her bad-ass side. And yours.

The workout, created by the sweet-and-smiling SLT Yoga director, takes some of the toughest poses from yoga—warrior 3 with hand weights, anyone?—and ignites them with classic fitness moves that sculpt, burn, and shock your body into getting stronger. It’s vinyasa gone powerfully off the rails.

During a particularly punishing series involving chair pose and other thigh burners, like lunges on sliders and donkey kicks on our knees, I thought tears may have been pouring down my face full of sweat. Relief came when we rested in chaturanga.

You’ll get sympathy (“I know it’s hard but you’re doing it!”) and endearments (“That’s it, dollface. Love how low your squats are”). But the pace never slackens.

Yet the studio was packed mat to mat with women eager for this kind of fitness S&M. Jacques’ constant cueing keeps you on task and out of whining mode, and the great music moves you in fifth gear. Given what this workout accomplishes in an hour, I could see getting totally shredded in just a few workouts a week. —Melisse Gelula

Who’s it for: Boutique fitness junkies who like to throw down. Power yogis looking for a transitional fitness object into strength-training and cardio work.

Book it or skip it: Book it.

Shred at SLT, $24, 37 W. 57th St., btwn Fifth and Sixth Ave., Ste. 703, 212-355-1737,

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