natural perfume
Oct. 17, 2013

The fashion model and all-natural fragrance creator shares the go-to beauty products that get her on-and-off-camera ready. Read More>>

Good Looks Feb. 6, 2013

Giving perfume is meant to be a romantic gesture, not a toxic one. So we’ve rounded up the best new natural perfumes that won't kill the mood with chemicals. Read More>>

Good Looks Feb. 14, 2012

These retro, rub-on scents are typically made with just a few clean ingredients—making them an adorably packaged healthy fragrance option. And not just for Feb. 14. Read More>>

Feb. 4, 2011

What could improve upon the romantic pairing of flowers and perfume this Valentine’s Day? A natural perfume that doesn't set off sneezes. Read More>>

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